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Psychic Readings

In addition to her private clients, Catharae has been a featured reader at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire; the Age of Chivalry Las Vegas Renaissance Faire; in the Intuitives' Center at The Whole Life Expos, in Pasadena and Los Angeles; Inner Quest (formerly Love Awareness); the Costa Mesa Women's Club and select metaphysical stores, including Spirit of the Moon, and Enlightenment.

She has been invited to read for many Los Angeles events, including the House of Blues Halloween Party, and the KROQ Halloween parties; for BCBG events at Nordstroms, both in Mission Viejo and the Riverside Galleria.

She offers intuitive readings using Tarot spreads, and Palmistry. Services available include private readings, phone readings, Tarot parties, theme parties (showers, birthday parties, engagement parties, holiday event) and corporate special events. Private readings are recorded, with money back guarantee.

Call or email for an appointment.

Catharae is an Ordained Minister.

E-mail: | Phone: 909.982.6475

Readings Menu

Private readings by appointment only -

    consulting 3 tarot decks for questions, reading forecast for the coming year. Please call or email for an appointment. CD recording of the session is mailed to you. Payment accepted at time of reading, or prepay here online with PayPal, then call or email for appointment.
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Telephone readings by appointment -

    reading the Tarot, directly answering your questions. CD recording of the session is mailed to you. Prepay with PayPal, or by credit card, then call or email for appointment date.
    15 Mins. - $35.00 1/2 Hour - $55.00 1 Hour - $100.00

Email readings -

    send birthdate of self and those you ask about, plus up to 5 questions, prepay with PayPal here online. Reading will return by email.
    5 questions - $50

Group events -

    Tarot or Palmistry at Parties
    appearances for corporate events or private parties; giving mini readings to guests. Hourly rates apply, plus travel expenses.

    Tarot House Party
    get your friends together at home for a House Party. Catharae first introduces the attendees to the tarot deck, with a one card reading for each. Then she retires to conduct 15 minute or 30 minute private readings for each participant.
    Per person charge - $30 for 15 min/ $55 for 30 min
    Group minimum - 6 people
    Hostess receives 15 minutes free reading..
    All readings will be recorded on a CD.

Coming Soon
Special Events with Catharae, new and entertaining group events!

CD recording of session
Money back guarantee

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