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Student Information Sheet
No experience needed - no need to have other dance classes, no special age/weight/preparation. Newby dancers welcome!

We will discuss class handouts on the first day, so you do not need to prepare for the first class meeting.

What to Bring / What to Wear to Beginner Classes:

1. Bring paper and pen - take notes, and create your own bellydance notebook.
2. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing (yoga or workout clothing is perfect). You can wear crop tops, leotards, snug clothing, leggings, pants, (baggy clothes obscure movements; short skirts are too revealing to dancers standing behind you!)
3. Expect to wear a dark pair of socks, ballet slippers, dance shoes, or even possibly barefoot.
4. Do not dance in tennis shoes, or street shoes with a heel or wedge - you can fall off your shoes!
We will discuss class handouts on the first day, so you do not need to prepare for the first class meeting.

Beginning classes are to be repeated several times, until sufficient skills develop for advancing to intermediate class. Instructor decides which students promote.

Age limits: 15 years and up. All minor children must have accompanying adult registered for class OR must have the adult waiting at the class.

Intermediate and Advanced Classes:
1. Intermediate and Advance students learn choreography, designed for public performances.
2. Accordingly, Intermediate and Advanced students have the opportunity to perform at special events.
3. Performance is encouraged, but optional.
4. Intermediate levels of students also may learn props such as veils, zils (cymbals), and candles.
5. Advance may add sword, wings of isis, drums , and canes.
Oops! No observers in class (boyfriends, hubbies, children.) Some students are uncomfortable being watched.

Hip scarves, zills, veils and other dance accessories can be purchased in class - Catharae offers supplies sales recommended for class.

Upcoming Costume Workshop - to announced soon!

From time to time, we will be holding tryouts for intermediate and advanced class placement. Proficiency of dancing with zills is required for advancement. Instructor decides which students promote.

Information about upcoming performances will be posted here, on the website.

Links to other websites I enjoy: best website ever for bellydance info! Delilah - love her performance videos a California award winning dancer BDSS Choreographer, star, dancer/teacher Mother Tribal group,Carolena Nericcio dir Star promoters,Belly Dancer of the Universe Master finger cymbal craftsman Quality belts, costumes, beaded fringe John Bilezikjian, dancer's musician, oudist Current music cds and dvds, great prices

For on overview on Class Etiquette, click here.

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